Services of full monitoring of vehicles and special equipment

Our systems have connections to existing trackers, so we can integrate our system into your information monitoring platform.

axle load monitoring system

With the help of the Global Tech GPS system you will be able to control not only the position, routes, high-speed modes, but also to monitor in real time the technical parameters of cars – axle load, fuel level, battery charge. This system has the ability to connect to existing trackers.

cargo monitoring system

Complex control over routes and technical condition of all units of equipment allows to optimize expenses, ensure safety of cargo, safety of people, increase the discipline of employees, protect from fraud, which will ultimately increase the efficiency of work and optimize the trucking of the existing fleet.

WIALON monitoring

Our system will help you on the international roads to provide conditions for the movement of vehicles in accordance with national regulations regarding the dimensions, total weight and axle load. You can optimize the load of vehicles, reduce the risks of fines for overload, optimize traffic flows.


We produce systems for monitoring vehicles. We install, carry out warranty and post-warranty service.


fast order execution

All equipment is configured for your project in the office. Remote support for hardware developers.


safety and reliability

All employees have a specialized education and have undergone additional training in the installation of auxiliary equipment for freight transport.

service and availability

Service centers in Europe and Russia.

own production

We adapt any equipment to your operating conditions.

Wireless axle load system

All GlobalTech sensors are radio channel, which greatly simplifies the installation of equipment. Sensors do not require complicated laying of wires.

Control worldwide

Control and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world.

Контролируйте и управляйте своим автопарком из любой точки мира

Company GlobalTech

The company is formed by technical and economic specialists who worked with the software of freight transport in the field of engine settings for the necessary tasks. All employees of GlobalTech have been trained and certified specialists who have worked in the field of motor transport for more than 10 years.